Die Cast Prototype (Foundry)
We provide prototype with die cast quality utilizing plaster mold in very short lead time.
We adjust shape and dimension by additional treatment to meet your needs.

Item Specifications
1.Draft angle Any angle is acceptable
No secondary machining is necessary if draft is not less than 0.3
2.Thickness 0.80 (mm) for B5 size of Note PC
0.5 (mm) for Mobil phone & PDA
3.Undercut Available depend on shape
4.Material Magnesium(AZ91D), Aluminium(AC4C)
6.Product size 600 x 600 x 500(W x L x D) (mm)
7.Additional milling Available

Optical Base
Material - Magnesium(AZ91D)
Size - 220 x 180 x 56 (mm)
Lead time - 3 weeks

PDA (Mg Inner Case)
Material - Magnesium(AZ91D)
Size - 125 x 80 x 1.0 (mm)
Lead time - 3 weeks

Mg Under Case
Material - Magnesium(AZ91D)
Surface finishing - Painting
Size - 145 x 195 x 1.0 (mm)
Lead time - 3 weeks(Including coating)