SLA Prototype

We provide high quality products in a few days on receipt of your 3D data.
3 types of SLA,
High precision type, Normal type and Rubber type, are available for you depend on your needs.

This is the method increasing its reputation rapidly these days. This method is good for evaluation of engagement with  critical dimension and tolerance. (Tolerance: from 0.05 to less than 0.1 (mm))

This method is good for evaluation of design. (Tolerance: from 0.1 to 0.2 (mm))

The material of this prototype has silicon like softness(HD75). This method is good for evaluation of key mat or other mechanical parts.


High precision type
Upper case of mobile phone
Material - Epoxy SLA material
Size -  105 x 50 x 10 (mm)
Lead time - 2 days from 3D data

Normal type
Upper case of mobile phone
Material - epoxy SLA material
Size - 105 x 50 x 10 (mm)
Lead time - 1 day from 3D data

Rubber type
Material - epoxy SLA material with rubber like softness
Size -  15 diameter x 100 (mm)
Lead time -1 day from 3D data