Prototype Print Circuit Board
(FPC, Glass-Epoxy, Teflon)
Precision Etching, effective shape modification, wide range of procuring route of material enable short lead time.

Single sided flexible board
Material - Base: polyimide 25 micrometer
               reinforcing board : glass epoxy 0.3mm
Size - 73 x 55 (mm)
Leadtime - 1 week

6 layered IVH board
Material - glass epoxy t1.5(mm)
Size - 88 x 76 (mm)
Leadtime - 10 days

Single sided teflon board
Material - teflon
Size - 40 x 50 (mm)
Leadtime - 1 week


We mainly offer print circuit boards that are hard to prototype such as multilayered, high frequency, and flexible boards.

We design patterns from logical circuit.

Both manual mounting and machine mounting are available.
X-ray photography at inspection is also available.