Precision Sheet Metal

We are confident at the technique of deep drawing utilizing 3D CADCAM.
Other technique of precision sheet metal is also available at our spring processing facility
by our craftsmen with plenty of knowledge and experience.

Aluminum drawing
Digital video parts
Material - Aluminum t1.2(mm)
Size - 90 x 105 x 12 (mm)
Leadtime - 2 weeks

Cover drawing
Palm cover
Material - Aluminum t1.0(mm)
Size -80 x 120 x 6 (mm)
Leadtime - 2 weeks

Digital video parts
Material - SECC
Size - 120 x 70 x t1.2 (mm)
Leadtime - 2 weeks

Mechanical parts
of Printer parts
Material - SECC
Size 17 x 45 x t1.2 (mm)
Leadtime - 5 days

Mechanical parts
of DVD
Material - SECC, SUS
Leadtime -7 days


 We can create 3D toolings and jigs in short time in our facility utilizing your 3D data. It enables us to create various shape of 3D sheet metal in short leadtime.

 Special treatments after processing are available to improve the quality of products.
    (e.g. polishing machine, electro polishing)