Vacuum Casting (Rubbertool Prototype)
We can create perfect master model by milling technique and craftsmanship.
It enables us to create perfect vacuum casting products.

Very short lead time directly from 3D data.

DVD Panel
Size - 35 x 130 (mm)
Lead time - 7 days (First lot)

PC Screen Cover
Size - 300 x 230 (mm)
Lead time - 7 days (First lot)

Cell Phone Top Cover
Size - 125 x 45 x 8 (mm)
Lead time - 7 days (First lot)

Material of silicon rubber like softness(HD40)
Size - 8 x 6 (mm)
Lead time - 7 days (First lot)

Benefits & Conditions

 We will select best solution, 3D prototyping, plastic milling, division and combination of each part for master model creation depend on the shape and your purpose.

 Material: HD30 to 100 available. You can select polyurethane resin or epoxy resin.

 We will adjust shape of part that require accuracy of dimension through secondary finishing.

 3D prototyping enable you to create multiple shapes of master models in short lead time.

 Max Work Size - 600 x 600 x 500 (mm)